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A Whole New U by EalaDubh A Whole New U :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 44 3
Mature content
Right Said Square :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 2 0
Collared by EalaDubh Collared :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 24 2 Hawrified by EalaDubh Hawrified :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 23 5
A Doomsday In The Life
A Doomsday In The Life
Music: The Beatles
Words: Eala Dubh
I paid my dues today, oh boy
About that smug girl from the Powell Estate
And though the end was rather sad
Well Catherine Tate just made me laugh
Although the audience thought it naff
We blew Canary Wharf apart
The Daleks called the tin men playground names
A crowd of soap stars and celebs
Had played small roles before
Nobody was really sure
If Russel T was keeping score
I got my end away, oh boy
With that French trollop Madame Pompadour
A clown on horseback saved the day
The mirrors smashed to fuck
Centuries' bad luck
I'd love to give her one
Woke up in Jackie's bed
Spent a half-hour playing dead
Gave the lurgi men a great big hug
A werewolf prowled the Torchwood House estate
Maureen Lipmann's scheme fell flat
Foiled The Beast by being a twat
Found the stunt-cast man had ran amok
When Peter Kay mugged and Huw Edwards made us scream
I spunked my shoes today, oh boy
Teamed up with my beloved Sar
:iconealadubh:EalaDubh 1 0
The Simmch
How The Simmch Pwned Season Three
by Eala Dubh, after Dr Seuss
Every fan on the blogs liked the Doctor a lot,
But the Simmch, who was due for a comeback, did not.
He hated the Doctor! Since the eighth classic season!
Though Terrence and Baz never wrote a good reason.
It could be that Ainley was camp just a mite,
Or Eric Roberts' talent played hooky that night.
But I think that the most likely upset of all,
Was when Roger Delgado's car had a great fall.
But whatever the reason for his deranged stance,
He lurked on Malcassairo, hating the fans.
And he stared at OG with the sour Simmchy frown
That he practiced by turning his grin upside-down.
He scoffed at a thread on The Infinite Quest,
How it fit in the timeline. "Oh, surely you jest!
"Come the weekend, these losers once more will tune in,
"To watch their good Doctor disgrace me again."
Then he growled, with his head filled with echoes of drumming,
"I can't stand a thousand more posts this mind-numbing!"
For he knew that a
:iconealadubh:EalaDubh 2 0
Don't Mention The Au by EalaDubh
Mature content
Don't Mention The Au :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 3 4
Card Sharks II plastics art by EalaDubh Card Sharks II plastics art :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 1 0 Card Sharks II pinball base by EalaDubh Card Sharks II pinball base :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 6 1 DELETED by EalaDubh DELETED :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 66 24 Fook A Dook by EalaDubh Fook A Dook :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 2 1 Wallace And Gromit Pinball pt2 by EalaDubh Wallace And Gromit Pinball pt2 :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 27 12 Wallace And Gromit Pinball Art by EalaDubh Wallace And Gromit Pinball Art :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 47 12 Back To The Futile by EalaDubh Back To The Futile :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 3 4 Pocket Pengi by EalaDubh Pocket Pengi :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 6 5 Behooved by EalaDubh Behooved :iconealadubh:EalaDubh 71 3


Alternate Universe by caramitten Alternate Universe :iconcaramitten:caramitten 185 20 EalaDubh Y.W by YWtheLucida EalaDubh Y.W :iconywthelucida:YWtheLucida 3 3 Doctor Hoo - T-SHIRTS A GO by pupukachoo Doctor Hoo - T-SHIRTS A GO :iconpupukachoo:pupukachoo 15,488 1,876 Dinotaur by ConnyChiwa Dinotaur :iconconnychiwa:ConnyChiwa 384 32 Chiron by Bianor Chiron :iconbianor:Bianor 141 5 Sunbathing by KraeHi Sunbathing :iconkraehi:KraeHi 5 5 Boidy Plush by KraeHi Boidy Plush :iconkraehi:KraeHi 5 3 Lunch Time by KraeHi Lunch Time :iconkraehi:KraeHi 3 4 Polar Orca-bear by Kobb Polar Orca-bear :iconkobb:Kobb 1,397 222 UFS - Dragon Cannon by UdonCrew UFS - Dragon Cannon :iconudoncrew:UdonCrew 1,791 120 Keepsake by daleziemianski
Mature content
Keepsake :icondaleziemianski:daleziemianski 10 1
musicians by akreon musicians :iconakreon:akreon 1,640 128 Commission: Mermaid Wranglers by Bilious Commission: Mermaid Wranglers :iconbilious:Bilious 97 45 Nowhere YesMan by andrewk Nowhere YesMan :iconandrewk:andrewk 81 18 Hoplite 10 by DrawingKuma Hoplite 10 :icondrawingkuma:DrawingKuma 208 33



Dave Sanders
United Kingdom
Y'know, it's traditional for The Twelfth to be held in July. NOT JUNE. The car park outside is packed full of obnoxious Orange Order pipe-and-drum buggers, the noise carries RIGHT up to my windows and I'm looking at having to put with a whole month's worth of sectarian noise machine.

'Sectarian Noise Machine', that's a good name for a student band.
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Dragoniade Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016
Happy birthday
MensjeDeZeemeermin Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2016
It should happen that you find this day the start of one of the most marvelous years in your memory, joyous and profitable.  Growth of the best kind, in wisdom, skill, knowledge and joyous memory should and must take place.  Your smiles should become more frequent and easier, your sighs cushioned with rueful humor, those who know you should note your growing happiness and rejoice thereby.  Take the fond good wishes of those privileged to know you, even if just a little, and use them to build a fortress of smiles around your best ideals and happiest dreams.  May you always remember the days to come with joy and celebration, and may this be a very happy example of a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Rubber-Band-Of-Doom Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I never imagined I would run into a master pinball designer right here on DA!  You sir, are incredible and outright amazing!  I am amazed by all of the work you have done, well done indeed!

I have a few questions, have you ever taken your virtual pinball tables and made them into fully operational "real" pinball tables?  I love your Wallace and Gromit table particularly, absolutely marvelous work!  I think it would be a great physical pinball table!  I would like to ask if it would be alright for me to attempt a build on it for my personal collection, I'm looking for a challenge and believe that this would be perfect, I appreciate any reply you give me and understand if you do not reply at all, I'm sure that you are quite busy with Heighway, thank you for your time!
MensjeDeZeemeermin Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015
May beauty and wisdom surround and enrich you every day of the year.  May you laugh as often as you learn, may you know love and give love, may you see beauty and know it beautiful, may you dance instead of sigh, laugh instead of weep, and see the wonder of creation swirling always around you.  Might joyous memories and happy encounters leave you with a smile the normal wear and tear of life can never banish for long.  May you relish and surpass every new challenge, and seek adventure bravely.  Have the happiest of birthdays, and thank you for the gifts you gave US!  
oboroten Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Happy birthday.
MensjeDeZeemeermin Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
May the love and laughter of friends, family, and others dear warm you through the coldest winter and refresh you through the hottest summer.  May wisdom come easily and bring joy with it, and may knowledge be a gift given and passed joyfully on. May you have of fame and food precisely as much as you wish, and of the kind that pleases and strengthens.  May laughter be your shared gift, a smile your constant ornament, and may you grow in wisdom, skill, recognition and prosperity in this year that starts with this... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
cqmorrell Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy birthday :)
Metamorpher Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know it's so late and it's probably already past it. But I hope you have a great Birthday with lots of friends and pigging out on cake
Dragoniade Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
Happy Birthday :cake::cake::cake:
oboroten Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013
Happy birthday.
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